claps hands
guess who’s trying to do things for her story again
finally have a good design for emil that’s actually
s/t i can Draw.
drew the trash prince himself
made small changes to emil’s design to make it easier to draw and more close to his character ’ v’/
sketcharoo of wallis (miranda’s oc) and madison being cute best friends before i color it for the art blog!!
seriously ugh LOL these two are probably my favorite brotp or at least in the top ten
so precious.
i am definitely going to color this
and it is definitely going onto my art blog when i do
tried to do s/t different \ o /
drawing dorito bodies is very exhausting work jsyk
but i am p proud of this omg
also did a sketchygoo of madison’s back
i’m gonna color sooo much shit when i have time tbh
iiiii wanted
to draw madison being a smug lil shit
did some slight redesigns of some tf2 ocs!!