aaahhh been tinkering with perspective and i figured i should post this in its wip stages before i go fuck it up LOL
madison’s really fun to draw sobs
really quick sketches of mayuri i’m gonna finalize later on
i’m trying to get a better grip on drawing body types like his so i can draw him more efficiently for role-play blog shenanigans LOL
drew my courier, madison, with his favorite weapon because he’s a stupid pyromaniac
\ o /
i presented myself a challenge to keep drawing no matter how off/strange things looked
and mayuri was my guinea pig ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
little headshot i did of brandy’s character, daniel for her birthday ’ u’
o/ practicing female anatomy kinda with cute cyclops girl
sketch of what i’m gonna try and digitally color sometime over the week for the start of my portfolio
tbh i just reeeally wanted to try out designing someone who made mods to their body 
that isn’t a real horn ye’ u vu just body mods
the tail comes with the freaky pants he’s wearing
drew my fallout character, madison
and doctor boyfriend
hot doctor
because he’s my companion uvu
quick sketches of marilyn beeeeefoooooore i go play fallout o/
i accidentally caved and made a brother for azazel
original name was goliath but he ran away and renamed himself phoenix because he’s a dork omg
tho he’s more-so a good guy than a villain— considering making him a champion in a new region hum
who knows omg