did some slight redesigns of some tf2 ocs!!
silent hill got me hype to work on my oc’s otherworld and monsters again
i also drew a ghoul oc bc i am weak
finally did madison’s fully body reference for his charahub ahhh i am so glad frick.
font is lugosi and you can get it here!
a full body chart in the works for madison’s charahub! uvu/
sketched out the headshot i wanna use for ravi’s charahub!
painted a headshot for madison’s charahub!
it’s even transparent oooo
drew my precious scout bby aiden ’ v’/
he’s a major toolbag i apologize in advance
new fallout oc o7
say hi to ravi
he’s a dude living on the strip that partakes in battles/duels in the thorn at night
he’s pretty suave
until u piss him off then he’s a piece of shit honestly
not quite a body study bc my thumb is killing me
but did a quick doodle of augustus tbh