finally got madison’s reference sheet done in terms of pencils

now i just gotta put it together and line it

then color it

fenris seeing emil for the first time more like

"i expected someone… taller."

"yeah well."

tfw a fandom has a headcanon that’s pretty damn widely accepted

for a character you cannot, in any way, see it for at all

but if you say you don’t like it/don’t have it as a headcanon even on your blog untagged and Everything else

you are pretty sure people are gonna start shouting that ur scum bc how dare u


ugh im so glad im almost done with the pencils for madison’s ref sheet

can finally color it and put it up on my art blog

and his charahub



talkin about nerad with buzzu more like image


talkin about nerad with buzzu more like 


accidentally made madison attractive in this one shot

and he is not meant

to be


A what what


it’s basically a database to store all your characters with pretty indepth profiles if you choose to write it as such

you get about 10+ pictures to put in their galleries on a free account

and i think you get 100 character slots on a free acc too uvu7

more ppl need a charahub bc i like reading about characters

im so excited to make sirian